D1+E Minibus & Trailer Training

Already got your D1 Minibus license and now need the ability to tow a trailer?

If you do you’ll need to add category D1+E. This is required by law when driving a minibus with a trailer over 750kg gross weight attached. Examples include outdoors activity centres towing sports equipment, scout groups carrying camping gear or taxi firms transporting luggage to and from airports in a trailer.

In order to take the test you must be 18 or over and hold a UK driving licence with the PCV D1 (minibus) or D (bus/coach) driving licence entitlement. There’s no need to take any theory tests as this will have been covered in order to take and pass the initial D1 or D practical driving test.

During the practical training we will cover:

  • a refresher of the driving standards required.
  • the dynamic differences of driving with a trailer such as speed, weight and length.
  • the correct procedures for safe coupling and uncoupling of a trailer.
  • the skills required to reverse with a trailer.

Course Options:

1:1 Two Day Course for D1+E Practical Driving Test:

  • Practical training will be completed over 2 days with the test taking place in the afternoon of the second day.

2:1 Multi Driver 2 Day Course for D1+E Practical Driving Test:

  • Practical training will be conducted as 2 full day sessions with the tests being taken back to back tests on the afternoon of day two.
  • Ideal for schools or businesses who require more than one candidate training.

For our latest course dates and prices please contact us.